Monday, 25 September 2006

Two Breweries

23rd September 2006
18 miles, 5200ft
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Easily my worst race of the year so far. Finished almost 35 minutes slower than last year in by far my slowest ever time with 3:43:26. I knew something was seriously wrong at Glenrath. After crossing Manor Water I realised that the wheels had fallen off, and braced myself for a long slow painful trudge to the end. Descending from Dead Wives Grave I was feeling so rubbish I was half thinking of packing it in at Stobo, but then again this wouldn't serve any useful purpose, and I wasn't keen to get into the habit of dropping out of races. So after a minute or so of quiet despair at Stobo I decided to continue at more or less walking pace from there to the end.
Race Profile Route Map Group on first climb Chris - not feeling so great Chris - not feeling so great Elke Schmidt - 1st lady Graham Kelly Dave Calder Broughton War Memorial Broughton Village

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