Monday, 5 March 2012

Lasswade 10-mile Road Race

Route on Garmin Connect | Results to appear here | Photos by Bob Marshall

My 4th attempt at the Lasswade 10-mile Road Race:
2006 - 1:01:41
2009 - 1:01:39
2011 - 1:01:07 - PB
2012 - 1:01:43

I didn't quite match my time from last year, but was only a couple of seconds out from previous outings on the course, so not too disappointing given recent lack of training and sleep deprivation.
After about 1 mile - Photo: Peter Buchanan
My plan was to use the race as a stepping stone on the build up towards London Marathon. I hadn't raced this far on the road for about 6 months, so didn't want to push it too hard and risk blowing up, so I paced myself alongside Jamie Thin for the first 5 miles, passing through in 32 minutes.
Around 2 miles - Photo: Bob Marshall
I then thought I might be able to press on and possibly catch a few folk, but couldn't quite find any sort of extra gear, so instead just aimed at holding position. From mile 8 to the end is virtually all downhill, so the pace picks up automatically with gravity and knowing you're getting near the end.

Around Mile 6 - Photo: Peter Buchanan
The shout from Niall McAlinden at Mile 9 helped me get past Ben Mitchell of Lasswade AC. I then almost caught 2 more runners before the line, but couldn't quite muster a full blown sprint finish, since it didn't seem worth injuring myself for a couple of extra places.
Around Mile 8 - Photo: Bob Marshall

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