Saturday, 2 January 2010

Greenmantle Dash

2nd January 2010

My 9th Greenmantle Dash in a row. I hadn't raced for more than 2 months and was suffering with strained adductors and groin pain, so I just faffed around taking photos rather than racing properly.

After the race I went for a jog back up the hill with Andy Kitchin.

More photos...


Jules said...

Brill pictures of the Virgin snow up the hill Chris. Shame you weren't feeling quite right an all? How's it going now? Oh, and how far was the race itself?

Chris said...

Thanks Jules. Stunning weather, especially after the race. The course was a short, sharp 3.3km:
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Apart from this race, I haven't run in 2 and half months or so... Hopefully will get back to it soon.