Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Taking stock

Having been ill for around a month now means I haven't run or raced since the Scottish National Cross Country Relays back in October at Cumbernauld, and in fact running and exercise have slipped off my radar altogether for now. Looking longer term, I hope to be back racing in 2010.

In 2009 I managed 74 races but without any exceptional results.

In 2010, if I can get my act together, I would like to clock a useful marathon PB and perhaps get a bit quicker on the road. I also hope to complete a large number of long hill races, but more for fun than expecting to get any decent results.

Overseas, I would like to run the GR20 in Corsica again, for example in June 2010, or perhaps to hike a long section of the GR11 in the Pyrenees, or maybe try the complete route from Atlantic to Mediterranean which should take about 3 weeks, but might be tricky to organise logistically.


Brian Mc said...

Running the GR10 or GR11 across the Pyrenees ... I'll do it some day, once I've managed to dispense with kids and job. :-)

Unknown said...


74 races is one year ..........gees that is a lot. Maybe you need to structure your racing plan better with looking to peak at certain times of the year.

When planning my racing schedule l would be looking at say 5 races throughout the whole year where l would ease back for and the rest would be build races. Graet to see though that you still have the appetite and ambitions to achieve PB's at your youthfull age excellent Chris.

Give me a shout if you fancy a spring marathon as my PB really needs re-addressed.

Hope you feel better soon.



Chris said...

Hi John,

Thanks for your comment.

Although 74 races might sound a lot, most of them were just plodding along and doubling up as training. There were only a couple of races I was really pleased with the result - like the National Masters Cross Country in February, and the National Cross Country Relays in October. Most of the other races I felt like I was running below par.

Once I recover from this sinusitis I'll start training again. I've entered London Marathon 2010 - so that will require some focus during the spring, and I'll probably run Balloch to Clydebank and Alloa Halves again in the build up.

I'm not really sure I can better my 10k and HM PBs, but I'll see how it goes next year and plan to run more of the 5k Parkruns to try to generate some speed.

Let me know if you fancy some canal towpath marathon training during Jan/Feb.



Chris said...

PS. Oh, and the Mugdock 10-mile Turbo X in September. I was pleased with that run as well.

Unknown said...

Hi Chris,

will do sounds good and l believe that your doing the right thing with more 5K's pencilled in.

My running coach ran his 5k pb the week before his marathon pb so who knows mind you he is a 2.18 marathoner and 48.02 10 miler pressure eh.

Speak soon and maybe catch up for a run or two my hamstring still a bit tight though.


Deeko said...

Hope you feel better soon Chris. That's a fair lay off but sometime that can be beneficial to your muscles! There's always a positive somewhere! :-)

Chris said...

Thanks Derek. Yes, it's been a fair old lay off, but hopefully I'll get back to things soon once the sinusitis finally goes away. Hopefully in time for Greenmantle Dash!

Deeko said...

Greenmantle's always a good way to start the year. Hope you're getting back into it by then. BTW - check out my blog - just did my 100 Arthur's Seat summits. Still behind Gordon Cameron who's done 114! I heard Prasad was close to completing 100 Ben Ledi's - now that's impressive...

Chris said...

I've done 8 Greenmantles in a row, so I hope to recover enough by then to take part. Prasad completed his 100th Ben Ledi back in November. Read story here

Terrodd said...

My name is Terry Roddick. Do you know of a Tim Upson? I think he lives in Forfar and was born in NY. He was my best friend in High School in Ny and was my best man at my wedding. I am planning a trip to the UK in 2010 and would love to see him again. I would appreciate any help. If not, thank you anyway and good luck with your running.