Monday, 21 December 2009


I've decided to start using labels in this blog. It took me blummin ages to figure out why the labels weren't appearing at the bottom of each post, despite selecting Layout > Page Elements > Blog Posts > Edit, and checking 'Labels:' under Post Page Options. I then tried rebuilding the entire blog from the original Minima template, and the labels still didn't appear. It was driving me nuts until I tried Layout > Edit HTML > Revert widget templates to default, and bingo the labels were there! Obvious really.

I've created an enormous heap of labels now. You can see them if you scroll down the righthand controls. These labels make it easier to find old race reports and similar posts, and also to spot which races are missing. For example the label Pentland Skyline shows my Skyline posts since 2005 at Skyline. You can see 2008 is missing since I had a rubbish run, so I didn't bother writing it up afterwards.

Likewise for the label Nepal, you can find my various Nepal ramblings here, although I still haven't added any photos for the 2008 Langtang/Chitwan trip.

I've also noticed that loads of the external links are broken in old posts due to website demise or restructuring.

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