Saturday, 24 January 2009

Devil's Burdens Relay

24th January
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Cold frosty weather for my 8th Devil's Burdens Relay on the trot. Various last minute call offs meant we were struggling to get any complete Westerlands teams, but in the end we did get 5 teams around the 4-stage course.

The race starts in Falkland with an abrupt ascent of East Lomond. The Carnegie pair John Hargreaves and Tommy Lawrence set the pace and came in first to the Leg 2 changeover, hotly pursued by Adam Ward and Angela Mudge of Carnethy, with Jamie Stevenson and Dave Eiser of Ochils finishing 3rd, all on 37 minutes. Steffen and JD ran our first leg, but we didn't have a Leg 2 runner so David Riach and I ran the 2nd Leg together down to Scotlandwell where we turned around and went straight into the 3rd Leg. We did reasonably well until West Lomond, but after that several teams started going past on the long diagonal descent. Brian Bonnyman took over for our 4th stage and did pretty well at closing down most of the teams who had slipped past.

After completing Leg 3, David and I jogged back along the lower Leg 4 trail back to Falkland with Tom Owens. 10 miles for Leg 2 and 3, and 4 miles jog out.

GPS Track for Legs 2 and 3, plus Leg 4 run out John Hargreaves finishing Leg 1 David and Chris starting Leg 3 David and Chris finishing Leg 3

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