Sunday, 7 October 2007

Pentland Skyline

6th October 2007
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16 miles, 6200ft

Incredibly warm sunny weather for October.

I had a fairly quiet uneventful run, setting off steadily and jogging round steadily, albeit with increasingly sore feet towards the end. I arrived at Flotterstone alongside Al Anthony and Grant Stewart, and just behind Billy Minto. Steven Fallon who had started super-fast was just ahead on the long slog up Turnhouse. Al and Grant soon vanished off into the distance to finish 2nd and 3rd. I eventually passed Steven on the drove road, and caught Billy on Harbour Hill. Other than that I never saw another runner from Flotterstone to the end, so I was happy enough plodding along at my own pace, finishing in 2:49:14. Ellen had a great run as 2nd lady in 3:11:53 in her first attempt at the race.

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