Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Manx Mountain Marathon

7th April 2007
50km, 2500m
Full marathon: Overall Results  |  Splits
Half marathon: Overall Results  |  Splits

Finished 8th overall and 2nd vet in 5:12:07, after a measured and restrained run.

For once in my life I decided to start off steadily, and actually did start off steadily. In fact I ran almost the entire race well under pace, simply pootling along apart from a brief sprint along the disused railway line into St Johns. The result was that I knocked 36 minutes off last year's time.

Quite a surprising revelation that running far more slowly makes you go faster. I still don't quite understand how that works...

Lloyd and Jackie broke the men's and ladies' records in the perfect conditions. Race Profile The Start Mike Robinson Willie Mykura

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