Saturday, 21 October 2006

Dunbartonshire Relays

21st October 2006
Men - 4 x 4,000m
Women - 3 x 4,000m
Race Profile The Start The Start The Leaders Nigel Scott Chris and Lindsay Cunningham Chris Clydesdale leading Leg 1 Vicky Park in 2nd place Nigel Scott Alastair Brunton Fraser Dalziel John McArthur for Clydesdale Alan Anderson Ian Struthers Alison Winship Dumbarton Alastair Brunton Catriona Miller Fraser Dalziel Julia Henderson Alan Anderson Euan MacKay for Garscube Vicky Park Ian Struthers David Riach Catriona Miller Dave Calder Gus Cairney for Clydesdale Robert Rogerson for Kirkintilloch Euan MacKay for Garscube Dumbarton Vicky Park David Riach Euan MacKay David Riach The Finish

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