Sunday, 21 May 2006

Scottish Islands Peaks Race

19th to 21st May 2006
60 miles, 13,800ft
Oban Yacht Club before the race Leaving Oban Harbour Happy Skipper - Steven Garrett Arriving at Lamlash around 10pm Saturday night
A great weekend messing around in boats, and jogging up and down a few boggy hills in the mist and in the middle of the night. For the 2nd year in a row, Playing FTSE won overall, with Blue Chip finishing 4th.
Summary of Results and Runners:
1. Playing FTSE, Simon Stainer & Gary Thorpe, 37:37:08
2. Palletline, Jon Deegan & Steve Birkinshaw, 39:53:52
3. Memec, Phil & Jim Davies, 40:03:50
4. Blue Chip, Mike Robinson & Chris Upson, crew - Steven Garrett, Derek Cardiff, Graham Goudie, 42:50:24
5. Kinetic, Paul Fettes & Paul Currant, 43:22:48
6. Lark, First Youth Team, 44:00:17
7. Silly Automatic, Don Naylor & Louise Provan, ~44hrs
Only 7 teams of 51 entries had finished when we eventually decided to leave Troon marina.
Brief Runners Report:
We had a decent enough run on Mull (4:23) to leave the island in 3rd place behind Playing FTSE (Stainer / Thorpe) and Memec (Davies / Davies). On the sail to Jura, Palletline (Deegan / Birkinshaw) got ahead and landed about 10 minutes ahead of us. Memec were about 3 minutes behind us at this point. We were quickly overhauled by Phil & Jim Davies on Jura, and left the island in 4th place, after a not brilliant 4:21 run (very wet and soggy underfoot). We never saw another boat until we arrived at Arran 8hr25min later. Fairly exciting before the Mull of Kintyre. We lost our spinnaker and halyard in sea with much panic and cutting of ropes. We were very lucky the mast didn't break. Mike was repeatedly sick and ate nothing, so our Arran run was more a survival shuffle than a proper run (4:37). We lost loads of time, but not enough to be caught by Kinetic who finished 5th.
Oban Prologue (4 miles) Mull Route (22 miles) Jura Route (15 miles) Arran Route (18 miles)
Oban Prologue (4 miles) Mull Route (22 miles) Jura Route (15 miles) Arran Route (18 miles)

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