Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Scottish Hill Racing

My friend Bill Fisher and I are spending a ridiculous amount of time at the moment on our new project - Scottish Hill Racing. This project aims to capture data on all the main Scottish hill races, with fully indexed linkage between Runners, Clubs and Results.

I prefer to start at the Clubs page to search for people, and to check out how many runners are in each club.
Clubs Page
If the club vest you are looking for doesn't exist yet, then look for the club by selecting "View: All Clubs", but you must be careful to wait for the whole page to load first.

You can then click on the Runners for Carnethy, for example, which takes you to the Runners page filtered on Carnethy runners. The runners are sorted so that the fastest runner appears first.
Runners Page

Not surprisingly, Stewart Whitlie appears at the top of the list.
Runner Details Page - Stewart Whitlie

You can then click on one of the Results Icons to see the race results, for example Ben Lomond 2006. The runner's name is highlighted.
Race Results Page

You can then check out some of the nearby runners, for example Alasdair Anthony who finished 5th at Ben Lomond 2006.
Runner Details Page - Alasdair Anthony

Another feature is to click Runners on the main menu, to display a paginated list of all runners in the database, sorted with fastest runners first. "Avg %Time" is the average percentage time for each runner compared with the winner's time. So if you win all your races, you stay on 100%. This forms a league table of all the runners in the database so far.
Runners Page
By clicking the "Gender" header on the rightmost column you get the same list but sorted with fastest women first. Also from this page, you can sort on who has run the most races by clicking the "Races Run" sortable header.

You can also filter the Runners page by club, and check out who is the fastest runner in each club, and who has run the most races. I think the "Av %Time" for clubs could be useful for calculating start times for club handicap races.

The website also has some useful Race Details pages, for example Moffat Chase, which gives a route map plus an embedded Google map showing the venue location.
Race Details Page - Moffat Chase

We are also working on a big map showing the venues for the main hill races in Scotland. You can get to the race details by clicking the pinpointer, then clicking the race name.
Race Venue Map

The database currently contains:

  • 2100+ runners
  • 180+ runner profile photos
  • 235+ clubs
  • 46+ club vests
  • 41 sets of race results (for 2005 and 2006)
  • ~5000 race result records

    From the 41 race results in the database so far, only 21% of the 2109 runners have done 3 races or more. And 63% of runners have done only one race.

    If the site crashes whilst doing a search, as it sometimes does, just click one of the main menu items again to re-load the page.

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