Friday, 21 April 2006

Arnside Knott

20th April 2006
Went for an evening walk up Arnside Knott. This was my first new Marilyn for exactly 7 months. Arnside Knott was promoted to Marilyn status in early 2005 as described here. This puts me on 1311 of the 1554 Marilyns in England, Wales, Scotland and Isle of Man, with 15 left in England, 48 left in Wales and 180 left in Scotland. Not sure when I'll do another one.
Looking towards Arnside and Arnside Knott Arnside Railway Station Kent Viaduct Arnside Pier Arnside Beach House on High Knott Road Information Board View down to Kent Viaduct Summit of Arnside Knott House on High Knott Road Sunset on drive back to Glasgow

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