Wednesday, 1 March 2006

In the Dark Handicap

1st March 2006
3.6 miles / 720ft
A very cold evening with the finest of new moons, so very dark once we got underway.
A large turnout of 17 runners - Ian, Drew, Paul, Jason, Blair, Donald, Davy, Robert, Katherine, Muffy, Pat, Cat, Elizabeth, Luke, Jon, David and myself. Timekeeping, prizes and general abuse and encouragement were provided by Charlie, Dave and John, who must have been completely frozen.
Route  |  Concrete Bunker  |  Gmap
Profile of the course The famous concrete bunker Route to the bunker Looking down on Clachan of Campsie Looking west Happy runners. And cold. Chaz n Dave - Timekeepers More happy runners Team Photo

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