Saturday, 7 January 2006

Nigel Barge Road Race

7th January 2006
5.8 miles / 380ft
Still feeling totally wasted with this chest infection. No energy whatsoever and got overtaken the entire race. Apart from that was OK.
Pretty cold but not windy. The route was changed due to on-going roadworks near the new Kelvindale train station. Rather than going anywhere near Cleveden hill the route instead did two anti-clockwise loops around Garscube and Dawsholm.
Westerlands places:
36, Fraser Dalziel, 0:34:58
51, Chris Upson, 0:35:38
111, Catriona Miller, 0:40:09
134, Blair Millen, 0:42:06
139, Jason Kaushal, 0:42:37
147, Muffy Calder, 0:43:09
175, Ian Struthers, 0:46:21
186, Drew Turnbull, 0:47:33
244 runners
Profile of the route The leaders Getting passed by Fraser Fraser on 1st lap Blair on 1st lap, with Cat just behind Ian on 1st lap Drew on 1st lap Positions 7th and 8th Glad to finish Blurry arty shot of Blair Jason Muffy's sprint finish

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