Monday, 2 January 2006

Greenmantle Dash

2nd January 2006
My first race of 2006. Still suffering with horrible cold in my chest and head. Pottered round the course hoping to clear my head a bit. The race had a new winner in Scott Fraser who ran away from last year's winner Brian Marshall on the steep climb. The ladies' race was won again by Kate Jenkins in red dress and green wellies.
In the perfect conditions, both men's and ladies' records were broken. Scott Fraser knocked 3 seconds off Iain Donnan's 2004 time to win in 16:08, and Kate knocked 17 seconds off her 2004 time, also run in green wellies.
Westies present were:
16. Chris Upson, 19:25
32. David Rogers, 21:03
43. Blair Millen, 21:54
73. Catriona Miller, 24:35
86. Pauline McAdam, 26:03
118 runners
Profile of the route The Hill Kate Jenkins - 1st lady Stewart Barrie Dave Rogers getting pipped by Tommy Begley Captainess Cat enjoying herself far too much Cat's sprint finish

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