Sunday, 21 August 2005

Lomonds of Fife

21st August 2005
9 miles / 2500ft
Fantastic weather for Lomonds of Fife hill race. Warm, sunny and thankfully clouded over a bit just before the start. Dave Rodgers ran away with the race although Stewart Whitlie made a spirited effort at catching him on the run back. Lars Ottemoller was well up the field but dropped out for some reason. Manny Gorman had a great run and was only narrowly beaten by Adrian Davis who finished 3rd.
1. Dave Rodgers, Lochaber, 1:08
2. Stewart Whitlie, Carnethy, 1:08
3. Adrian Davis, Carnethy, 1:11
4. Manny Gorman, Westies, 1:11
I finished 11th in 1:19, and Kate Jenkins was 1st lady in 1:23
Having some difficulty sitting down now after abrading my backside, bum-sliding down Cation's Gully.
Other Westies present were Luke, Swaz, Pete and Elsie.
Lomonds of Fife

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