Sunday, 8 January 2012

Glasgow Parkrun #155

After doing 6 races in 9 days over Christmas / New Year, I had a really sore right foot and should have stayed in bed. But instead I rushed down to Pollok Park with Ellie, where she hiked around the course for the 5th time since her due date.

Seeing as my foot was super sore I didn't bother doing a proper warm up or stretch and was in 2 minds whether to start running. I thought I was going OK at first, and briefly lead for about 400 metres, but didn't feel at all right on the 2nd lap and running into the finish my right hamstring decided to self-destruct, and today feels like I've been shot in the back of the leg, so I don't expect to be doing much between now and the Devil's Burdens Relay on January 21st, apart from perhaps looking after a new baby.

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