Thursday, 2 June 2011

Dumbarton 10k

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I was feeling tired and groggy with a cold before starting, so wasn't expecting much from this run.

It's not a pleasant feeling when you get to 7km and realise there's nothing left. No fight. No last big effort. Just a plodding pace and waiting for it to be over. The local neds were making us look silly on the last km, by sprinting along past us just to demonstrate how slowly we were going.

At 9.5km I normally ramp it up to a big sprint finish, but tonight I was just feeling horribly washed out. I momentarily went past Nick Reid, in fact I think I passed him twice, but neither time with any conviction. There was a cluster of runners just in front as I crossed the line, including Nick, Scott Kennedy and Paul Thompson. As soon as I stopped if felt so wrecked and had to lie on the ground for about 5 minutes before I could move again.

I finished 24th in 35:45, which was a good bit slower than Clydebank and Helensburgh.

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