Saturday, 4 December 2010

Glasgow Parkrun #100

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The 100th Glasgow Parkrun at Pollok Park, and the 2nd anniversary of the event. So I thought I should make a special effort to attend. Heavy snowfall and ice meant there was no way we could run the usual course, so instead the route was more like a cross country course following three twisting laps around the games fields in ankle deep powder snow.

Photos courtesy of Paul Roberts

I wasn't quite sure where we were going, or which shoes to wear, but selected the Inov8 Oroc 280s, since it was easier to run to the start in these. But as soon as I started running, I wished I'd worn cross country spikes, since it was pretty tough trying to generate any pace ploughing through the soft snow.

Eyeing up the competition on the start line, it wasn't that obvious who was running, and who was jogging around watching since most runners appeared strangely fully clad in leggings and some jackets on display. I would have worn a vest if I'd remembered one, but instead had to make do with a T-shirt. It was a bit cool, but there was bright sunshine and no wind, so it didn't feel at all cold once you were running.

I hammered off as fast as possible as usual, and held 2nd spot behind Luke Traynor for about 100 metres before to my surprise Niall McAlinden was the first to pass, quickly followed by Eritrean duo Amanuel Zerezighi and Tewoldeberhan Mengisteab. Tewolde powered on to win the race comfortably, despite not having a bar code.

Meanwhile I was sitting in 5th place hoping that Niall would fade after his rash move to overtake so early. I thought that I could just sit and wait for my moment, expecting him to come back on the 3rd lap. However, each time I ramped it up to close the gap, Niall was doing exactly the same, so despite working harder and harder on each lap, I never actually closed the gap at all and Niall came in a full 9 seconds ahead of me in 19:46 to my 19:55 on a course measuring 5.10km on my Garmin. Ellie finished soon after in 23:39 for 29th place overall and 1st lady by well over a minute.


Stu Stod said...

At least it was deemed safe to run.
XC cancelled down here !?!?!?

Chris said...

Hi Stuart, The Glasgow Parkrun takes place no matter what the weather. However the Scottish East and West District Cross Country races were both cancelled. Btw, I bumped into a club mate of yours Magnus Williams on Saturday in Kendal before having a run up Helvellyn on Sunday. Photos