Saturday, 11 September 2010

Strathclyde Parkrun - Event 23

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My first attempt at the Strathclyde Parkrun down at Strathclyde Loch.

The field was much smaller that at the Pollok Parkruns, and the course is quite different. Where Pollok is a hilly, 2-lap course, sheltered in the trees, Strathclyde Loch is a totally flat, out and back course, exposed to the elements.

There was a noticeable headwind as I set off with Daniel Bradford and Bryan McLelland from Glasgow Uni. I probably started too fast, clocking 3:15 for the first kilometre. Fatigue, the headwind and a sore right knee all kicked in during the 2nd kilometre, so I started drifting backwards and was caught by David Gardiner and David McElhinney. I tried to hang on, but never got near them again.

The final couple of kilometres drag on a bit since you can see the finishing tent from a mile away. However the dog walkers and cyclists keep you on your toes by repeatedly blocking your path, and stepping in front if you.

I was hoping for around 17 minutes, but timed myself as 17:27, which puts me currently on 3rd place in the MV45-49 league table.

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Unknown said...

That's an impressive time! parkrun beside a Loch sounds amazing!