Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ben Lomond hill race

Today I wandered up Ben Lomond to take a few photos of the race.

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Prasad clocked a new modern era record at Ben Lomond with 1:05:51 to win the race by more than 2 minutes from Robbie Simpson. First lady was Catriona Buchanan in 1:21:24.

I jogged up to the summit, then descended about 200 metres until I started seeing the front runners. Prasad was just miles in front. Obviously not literally miles, but he had a ludicrous lead when he came past. Next to appear was Oleg, with a bit of gap back to Al Anthony, who had Robbie Simpson close on his heels. Once the first 20 or so runners had gone past, I headed back up the hill, and just managed to have the camera ready in time, thanks to a warning from Colin Porteous who was guarding the trespasser's corner, ready to shout at any runners who dare to trespass off the nasty rocky path onto the nice smooth runnable grass.

Anyhow, I just managed to catch Prasad in full flow has he hurtled into view around the corner. Next to appear where Oleg, Al and Robbie, pretty much in a group, although Al was just overtaking Oleg. Unfortunately Al didn't finish the race, since he took a nasty tumble, and the next I saw of him he had blood stained bandages around his head, and was being escorted off the hill by Dan Gay.

That was later. For the time being I wandered back up onto the summit ridge for more photos. It was difficult to know which way to look, with runners approaching from both directions.

Eventually I'd had enough of the photos, so decided to run back to the finish line, half imagining I'd overtake loads of runners. But general lack of fitness, combined with carrying a heavy expensive camera made it felt like hard work.

Finally, thanks very much to whoever it was who handed me the extra soup token. That stroppy woman in the hotel was determined I wasn't getting any!

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