Sunday, 20 September 2009

Dalehead Fell Race

20th September 2009


Three Shires wouldn't be complete without Dalehead the following day. Luckily the weather was much brighter today.

Ricky Lightfoot made up for getting lost in the mist yesterday by recording a convincing win over Borrowdale local Simon Booth. British ladies fell running champion Philippa Jackson put in a storming run to finish 6th overall.

I finished back in 10th place in 56:43, a good bit slower than I've run this race before, but quite enjoyed the run anyhow. After halfway up the climb I didn't catch or lose any places, so it felt a bit like a solo training run.


Deeko said...

Hi Chris,

How did you get the 3D google satellite image? Very smart I have to say!

Chris said...

Hi Derek,
I imported the track from my Garmin 405 to SportTracks, then exported the track to Google Earth and faffed around with the view angle and added some direction arrows.

Btw, check this out for superb blogging with colour-coded routes:
Everest Sky Race

Chris said...

The Gatta Everest Sky Race webpage used a Suunto X10 which looks a fancy piece of kit.

The trouble with the Garmin 405, is that it overwrites the tracks after about 24 hours, so is no use for long distance multi-day stuff, as I discovered a few weeks ago in Switzerland.

Deeko said...

Aha - very good. I'll have to mess around with that a bit!

Wow - that is a good blog. I think the X10 might be good but I've heard the GPS element isn't great. You're right about the 405 though. Limited tracks and battery live limit is a fair bit. The 310XT might be a bit better at 20hrs battery life.