Sunday, 13 April 2008

London Marathon

13th April 2008

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Jogged round London with a sore foot and ankle. Went through halfway in 1:23:14 and thought sub 2:50 should be possible. I was still on target for 2:50 at 30km, but then felt pretty rubbish after mile 18, and lost 5 minutes in the final 10km, thereby finishing in 2:54:55. At mile 24, I tried to summon a last ditch increase in pace, but as soon as I forced the speed at all, my right hamstring started shooting into cramp, so I played it safe and just pottered in the last 2 miles. A bit frustrating to be on 2:50 (or better) pace for the first three quarters of the race, and then blow 5 minutes in the final 6 miles. However it was the price I paid for starting too fast, not pacing it properly and not having done sufficient training.

Ellie did exceptionally well to record 3:11:32 in her marathon debut.

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