Monday, 18 February 2008

Carnethy 5 Hill Race

16th February 2008
8.9km, 780m

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I pottered round the Carnethy 5 race route in 56:49, frustratingly dropping 8 places from the summit of Carnethy to the end, due to feeble descending skills through the heather. The race was won by Lloyd Taggart in the frightenly fast time of 47:11 to clock the second fastest time ever, and would surely have broken Gavin Bland's record if we hadn't all been detoured off the path up Scald Law to flounder through deep heather. Angela Mudge once again was 1st lady, in an impressive time of 55:13 - and less than a minute off her own course record.

Race Route Route Profile versus Time Route Profile versus Distance Climbing Scald Law The final steep climb on West Kip Ellie Ellie


Thomas said...

Chris, you are in great shape. Incidently leaving Adrian Davis behind. Take care and no injuries now!

John Kynaston said...

Hi Chris

I was sorry to see you have dropped out of the whw race. Hope you are okay?


Marco Consani said...

Hi Chris,

I just heard that you dropped out of the WHW race. I hope that everything is okay.


Chris said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for your comments.
I hurt my right foot and ankle with that long run from Balmaha, and haven't been able to run properly since. It was sore for Carnethy, then very sore for the Nationals, and I shouldn't have even started the Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon.
Hence no posts on my blog lately. I've been too fed up, and dropped out of WHW race a few weeks ago.
I hope your own training goes better than mine!