Monday, 26 November 2007

Dunbartonshire Cross Country

24th November 2007
Hermitage Academy, Craigendoran, Helensburgh

A slight improvement over my dismal run at Tour of Pendle last week. I decided not to mess around, and started off more or less as fast as I could, sitting on the shoulders of the front runners for the first few hundred metres. After the first steep drop and crossing the burn the field strung out a bit, but I picked off 3 or 4 younger runners who'd started too fast. By halfway through the first lap I'd moved up to 4th place and thought I was closing on Steven Miller of Glasgow Uni, but once we hit the 2nd lap he pulled away, thereby giving me nobody to chase, and very much aware that David Riach and Nigel Scott were closing me down at every turn. Somehow I managed to cling onto 4th spot with solitary running for the 2nd two laps, with Nige and David finishing a few seconds after me in 5th and 6th place. Westies' new-comer Dougal Ranford kept us in with a shout at the team prize with 14th place.

Nail-biting shuffling of results kept the team result in doubt during the prize-giving, until eventually the officials concluded that Westerlands had pipped Garscube to first team by 29 points to 32. Quite possibly the first time Westerlands have ever won a cross country team prize!

The men's race was won easily by Alastair Morrison of Garscube, with James Austin of Clydesdale 2nd (and 1st vet). First woman was Michelle Hetherington of Helensburgh.

Chris chased by Nige and David Chris Nige and David David Dougal Race Profile - approx. 13 minutes per lap

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