Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Ochil 2000's

25th August 2007

A classic new race traversing the Ochils. Similar in some ways to Pentland Skyline and Two Breweries, but with KIMM-style rough ground and tricky navigation thrown in for good measure.

I enjoyed jogging along with Graeme Campbell, Dave Cummins and Ali Hubbard up until Ben Cleuch and Ben Buck. It was after that we started to drift apart and do our own things. Graeme & I ran together through the horrendous peat hags to Blairdennon, but Ali seemed to get a better (higher) line to our right and pulled in front. I caught Ali as he stopped for a bearing off the summit of Blairdennon. We ran together until Ali collapsed in a heap with cramp, allowing me to take the lead down to Jerah.

I was fairly confused at finding the track past the ruins to below the dam and had to stop a few times to check the map. This allowed Ali and Andy Kitchin to start catching me. They looked like they were closing me down fast on the final climb to Dumyat, but I figured if I could just top out before them, they would never catch me on the descent.

Arriving at the summit I was surprised to hear I was 2nd, since I thought Donald Naylor was in front, as well as Andy Symonds. With this extra incentive I hammered the descent as fast as I could, slightly nervous about taking the correct left forks off the main path. Luckily I didn't get any twinges of cramp until after finishing, when trying to change my shoes and socks was a bit of challenge!

Race Profile Race Route Dave Cummins and myself at summit of King's Seat

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