Sunday, 3 June 2007

Duddon Valley Fell Race

2nd June 2007
27km, 1900m
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The race was won by Ian Holmes in 2:42.

I felt completely awful for most of the race - totally washed out with no energy. Tempted to pack it in on the first climb up Harter Fell, but somehow struggled on and finished in 3:32.

I don't normally get any trouble with my ankles, but in this case I was getting jarring pain on every descent. I was also eating on every climb, including the first one up Harter Fell, but this had little or no effect at boosting energy levels.

Time to skip a few races now, and buy some frozen peas. I don't want to feel that rubbish again at the next one.

And by the way, the Duddon route is nowhere near 20 miles. I've no idea where that figure came from. The actual distance is more like 17 miles.

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