Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Maddy Moss - 20th July

6 miles / 2300ft
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A healthy turn out of nearly 100 runners for the 9th and penultimate race of the mid-week Bog and Burn series. Not one of my better runs - more than 2½ minutes slower than last time, and in better conditions. In fact the driest I've ever seen the course. Felt like I was descending in slow motion along the runnable trod, which seemed strangely narrower than usual. The lead group took a bizarre detour at the start, heading on up the hill for an extra 85ft before realising that the path was 85ft below, with some nice vertical bracken and rocks to negotiate to get down to it. Not the best start! Otherwise a great race, but could do with better flagging at the start and finish so you knew where on earth you're supposed to be going in the maze of rocks and gorse bushes - or maybe that just adds to the fun!
The race was won by Ochil's Alasdair Anthony, ahead of Fife's Andrew Liston.
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