Thursday, 16 June 2005

Biggar Tarmac Hill Race - 16th June

6 miles / 400ft
London's big, but Biggar's Biggar
In fact the population of Biggar is 2,098 compared with 7.4 million for Greater London. Even so, it was Gala Week in Biggar, which means the famous "10k" Tarmac Hill Race. Of course it isn't a hill race at all, but a road race with a bit of a hill in the middle. The start and finish were vague enough that the race randomly started without anyone saying "go", and finished down a side road beyond where the finish appeared to be. All the rest of it was pretty obvious though. Some nice quiet tree-lined country roads.
1. Ronnie Gallagher, Westerlands, 34:13
2. Tom Gillespie, HBT, 36:19
3. Paul Russell, Cambuslang, 36:58
4. James Tullie, Edinburgh Uni, 37:05
5. Chris Upson, Westerlands, 37:09

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